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PLASTICITY – In this multimedia production, a comatose man on his way to recovery recreates his identity by delving deeply into his memories, while a circle of family members and loved ones form scheming camps over grave neurological decisions. A profound, often comedic tour of the collective unconscious is coupled with the latest neuroscience in a compelling exploration of how the brain heals itself, and ultimately creates the mind.



ELEGY (short film) – A pair of ex-lovers reunites only to learn they were never really disconnected. Some tragedies are so devastating, they actually set things right.  Written and directed by Lyras, Elegy won Best Original Screenplay at the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival.  Not bad for a 12 minute short.  3 minutes still remain.

ELEGY from Tim Arnold on Vimeo.

SILVA’S – A mock-infomercial based on a character from “desperelics”, Lyras’ first solo show for the stage, which ran at the Gene Frankel Theater in New York and the HBO Workspace in Los Angeles.

PUSHING PAPER – Also based on a character from “desperelics”, Pushing Paper lead to a development deal with Warren Littlefield and NBC.

THE COMMON AIR  (trailer) – This play linked 6 disparate charactera together during a delay at JFK airport.  The L.A. production was nominated for Best Original Play by the L.A. Ovation Awards and won for Best Original Score.  It received nominations from the LADCC for Best Writing, and LA Weekly Awards for Best Solo Performance.  It transferred Off Broadway in 2009/2010, where it ran for eight months at 45 Bleecker Street Theater.

HETEROSEXUALS (trailer) – Written and directed by Robert McCaskill, this comedy explores 3 different couples at 3 very different stages of love.  Lyras was an original cast member in the Off Broadway production at The Ohio Theater, and was an actor and producer on the feature film, which stars Natasha Lyonne, Ashley Williams, Tovah Feldshuh, and Kevin Meaney.

MONA (trailer) – A modern day Jules and Jim set in Washington Heights, Mona won “Best Picture” at the 2008 Malibu Film Festival and received distribution from Cinetic Media.  It was chosen by Richard Peña, Executive Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, for broadcast on PBS “Indies13” series. Written by Robert McCaskill, directed by Alan Kirschen, produced by Alex Lyras.


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  1. Loved Pushing Paper and Silva’s. I know both of those guys. Please let me know when you’re performing in NYC again!

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