Rahm Taps Brother Ari For Obama Audition

Beverly Hills, March 14th – White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel has called in a favor with little brother Ari Emmanuel, founder of the Endeavor talent agency, in hopes of getting President Obama considered for a role in the upcoming Iron Man II.

“The world is ready for a black superhero, and Obama’s already wearing the cape.”

Uber agent Ari, caricatured to a tee in the HBO comedy series Entourage, was less optimistic.  “I getten calls a day like this.  Even when it’s family, I never say ‘yes’ unless I know it’s right.”

An attorney for the agency who requested anonymity for fear of decapitation added, “Obviously we’ll get him an audition.  But just ‘cause he’s Commander In Chief doesn’t mean we’re guaranteeing him a part.  There are lots of producers on a tent pole picture.  Not to be ironic, but it gets very political.”

Rahm is far more confident.  Though Obama has never acted professionally, and no box office metrics exist for Pacific rim returns, “The man has proven himself in front of the camera.“

“He can memorize faster than anyone I’ve ever met.”  Says speechwriter Jon Favreau.

The films’ director, also named Jon Favreau, responded via cell phone poolside from the Beverly Hills Hotel. “I never said that.”

After clarification, Favreau (director) responded to Favreau (speechwriter) by saying that “acting is more than memorizing.  You have to become the character from within, and with Obama, you wonder if his mind will wander once on set.  Toe to toe with Medvdev or Kim Jong is one thing.  Holding your own across from Robert Downey Jr. or Mickey Rourke is another.”

Rahm shrugged off the statements, referring to the slowing economy as the perfect down time for the President to do a movie.  “My brother gets competitive because I can still beat him at Scrabble.  This is way more important than sibling rivalry.”

Ari balked, “It’s just not zip zip zip.  For starters, we’ll need a Taft Hartley waiver, cause Barack is non-SAG.  Secondly, I mean, does the President really want to be typecast like this.  The play, if you ask me, is to wait for a romantic lead and compete with Denzel.  But what do I know besides everything?”



  1. Incredible site! Where are you getting your inspirations from? Feeling a little science background, but also some philosophy and comedy. Who said rennaissance men are dead??

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