Instant Eradification

All of those unshowered, vagrant conspiracy theorists– the 99 percent who claimed the system was intrinsically stacked against them, the ones the main stream and liberal media pigeon holed– were more right than wrong.

The recent Libor Index debacle is what debate-team judges refer to as a knock out punch. It illustrates with certitude just how systematic fraud really is. Wall Street banks aren’t just colluding with US regulators they’re doing so on a global scale.

Regulators continue to claim the wrongdoings are the result of a few “bad apples, acting on their own,” when it’s clear and certain that the entire orchard is infested. What’s clearer now than when the Occupiers were in Zuccotti Park is just how deeply the regulators are in on it.

These guys were the final barrier. The last hope we had. They were under-maned and over-loaded, we were told. But with enough evidence and conviction, they would get at least a few of the bad guys and make an example of them. Then the facts started trickling in. And they weren’t pretty. Were these regulators really asking us to believe that they missed the “red flags” for six years.  Six years….

Said regulators were pretty damn prompt doling out those TARP billions, though. That part wasn’t bungled or delayed in the slightest. Is it crazy to think that instead of working backwards to cover their asses after it all blew open, these regulators could have used a tiny sliver of that massive booty to hire a few more people to improve their lame-ass system?

Yes. Because, as we now know, the regulators stood more to gain in leaving the status quo’d.

Banking scandals are a disgrace of greed. We will look back on them as we do the robber barons, except the robber barons did some civic good, like building railroads and museums and parks. Environmental scandals, on the other hand, are nothing short of catastrophic, and we won’t look back on them, because we’ll all be burnt to a toxic crisp before enough time passes. Both scandals share one basic truth: soon there won’t be anything left to abuse.

The predictions for Arctic warming are being surpassed by the incoming data. The ice is receding faster than we thought. And we react– unbelievably– by preparing full steam ahead to drill the land once covered by ice! Reminds me of the commercial where the cancer patient is still inhaling through the hole in his neck because his tongue was destroyed by smoking.

Rex Tillerson, Exxon’s stupid wealthy CEO, plans to spend $37 billion a year (roughly $100 mil every 24 hours) searching for more, more, more, more, more, more, more oil. British Petroleum recently closed its solar division. Shell stopped its research and development on wind power in 2009.

Why chase alt energy when there’s a trillion in profits to be made in fossil fuels. Extract. Extract. Extract without putting back. Because that make sense. All our resources are totally limited! The batteries in our phones are never going to die! The gas in our cars will never hit empty! The food from our farms will never stop growing!

Why is it so hard to understand that disaster is looming on a larger-than-imaginable scale in near the future? Our children will see a different world. We’re just waiting to see to what degree. There have been some studies saying the idea is too big and too abstract for people to grasp. If it’s not something they can relate to in their daily life, it won’t have any impact.

It begs the question, how much have we really evolved? What’s so hard to grasp about deferring satisfaction? About conserving for the future. Don’t we read these stories to our children every night? Don’t we remember the story of the three little pigs? How the third one worked real hard so as not to become back bacon. Don’t we all know how much better it is to wait?


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  1. Which came first, the problem or the solution? Does it matter?

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